30 September 2008

Last post from the USA!

So this will be my last entry from the US...I have been running around packing, cleaning, sitting in more classes, and trying to say goodbye...

Tomorrow is my Commissioning Service. My parents and youngest brother are going to drive up to see it! I'm very excited to see them and to close out my time here. I have my tickets in hand, my bags mostly packed, and an ingenious scheme for how to get more stuff to Poland without going over baggage limits. (pockets and layers of clothing rock)

During Commissioning, I will be signing with 2 other ladies to the song, He Reigns by Newsboys. It's a perfect song for the event and such a motivation and encouragement when I hear it. Here are the lyrics:

It's the song of the redeemed
Rising from the African plain
It's the song of the forgiven
Drowning out the Amazon rain
The song of Asian believers
Filled with God's holy fire
It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation
A love song born of a greatful choir

It's all God's children singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns
It's all God's children singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns

Let it rise about the four winds
Caught up in the heavenly sound
Let praises echo from the towers of cathedrals
To the faithful gathered underground
Of all the songs sung from the dawn of creations
Some were meant to persist
Of all the bells rung from a thousand steeples
None rings truer than this


And all the powers of darkness
Tremble at what they've just heard
'Cause all the powers of darkness
Can't drown out a single word

When all God's children sing out
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns
All God's people singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns

Although I am very excited to be starting this journey, I will also miss my family very much and am a little nervous. I have heard and learned so much while I have been here, I just hope that it will stick and I can adjust quickly! I finally have information on my apartment! I think the lease was signed today or tomorrow maybe? I will post photos of it when I get there and have settled in a little.

I will try to update shortly after I arrive, but do not know what my orientation schedule will be or anything like that.
Until then, here are some ways you can pray for me:

Prayer Requests:
- That my travels will go well (Oct 2 to Oct 3) and all luggage will arrive safely!
- That I will be able to settle in quickly and begin adjusting
- That I will remain close to and in God's arms during this transition
- Language learning will come quickly once I start
- that God will continue to prepare hearts of the people I will meet and open doors for me to share the gospel.

Thank you guys for praying with me and keeping updated on this journey so far. I am very blessed to know that I have so many who are faithfully praying for me and the Polish people!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

21 September 2008

Counting days...

Good afternoon - 

It finally feels like Fall in Virginia and it is another gorgeous day. Blue skies with wisps of clouds and children playing with frisbees outside always put a smile on my face! 

God has truly been good to me lately and has really taken me up in his arms, held me tightly and said, "child, you are mine and I will always be here". As time dwindles before I leave, the days get longer as more sessions are squeezed in, trying to cover everything. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster. We discussed some hard topics, did a little more role playing and really dug deep into topics that are hard to talk about. I realize that by going out on faith to a different country, lots of things could happen and being prepared is always important.

This past week, 2 main things happened. First of all, my dad went to the ER for some chest pain, but everything turned out fine. After many phone calls to mom and Seth, I realized how God has placed so many wonderful people in my family's life. Mom's sister and friend came to her "rescue" and helped where they could. I have to say, more than anything, it helped me knowing they were there with my family. It gave me a chance to be reminded of a few things. 
- God is in control and He knows best.
- Prayer still works and above all else, try it first!
- God knows who you need to talk to.
God gave my dad such a peace and comfort during that time that he was actually more concerned for Seth than anyone else! That's dad though, he's always been the rock of our family. When mom called, I started praying...and walking back to my room. On my way, I ran into A, someone God has placed in my life here I have been here as a comforting voice. When I told her what was going on, she hugged me and started praying and shared with me that her husband had something similar but worse happen a few years ago. Through tears and prayers, I knew the Lord placed her there for comfort. As the next session started, the entire group bowed to pray for my dad for a few minutes...that the doctors' hands would be steady, that he could have the cath done and that God would provide. Within 30 minutes mom said they could squeeze him in to have the procedure done. 
After the cath, they said his arteries were clear...praise God for no blockages! It's also something they think can be taken care of by medicine, which is encouraging.

I have a renewed confidence that God will always provide support where it's needed most.

The following day, we took the entire group here to Washington D.C. for the day. It was a good distraction. We got to visit a Polish library and some other areas. I spent some time in the Smithsonian museums and just relaxed. We also witnessed to those around us and helped anyone we could. 

SO - why am I counting days??? Because, I will be in Poland in less than 2 weeks!!! I fly out Oct. 2 and will arrive the following day. I am very excited as my time here ends. The next week will fly by I am sure. It will be good to see my friends on my team and to put into practice some of the things we have learned here. I am ready to start working. 

- Pray that God will continue to prepare me before I leave.
- Pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of the Polish people I will soon meet.
- Pray that I will be able to learn the language quickly.
- pray that I will adjust to the cold quickly!
- Pray that my last week here will be fun and time well spent with friends.

thank you and love you all!