11 July 2009

More about Greece

Hey all!

There has been so much going on lately - I love it! I just spent 2 fabulous weeks in Greece. One for work and one for vacation. While I was there, I saw some of the most amazing sights and had some of the most incredible experiences. I highly doubt that I will forget the journey.

I felt that I had white feet for a week from all the marble. My stomach was full of olives, my ears full of languages foreign to me, my eyes full of wonder and my heart full of joyous adventure. I discovered intricately built marble temples to various gods of ancient Greece, as I hiked up the back slope of the Acropolis. I was in complete awe. I've always heard of this stuff ... I mean, Greek Mythology was one of my favorite sections in school. You can get lost in the stories. But thankfully, thats all they are ... stories. For I know that I serve the One True God.
Yet, who wouldn't appreciate the magnificence of such architecture? It truly was beautiful. As we hiked up the southern slope, I wondered what it would be like to live there. At first, it was cool but by the time I got to the top I had decidedly changed my mind and am very appreciative of elevators.
I didn't realize how huge Athens was until I got to the top. Buildings seem to stretch as far as the eye can see, until you reach the mountains anyway. You could spot temples, the original Olympic Stadium and churches everywhere.
We looked down one side to spot Mars Hill. We hiked down the front of the Acropolis (the easy side) and made our way to the top of Mars Hill. Although insignificant to those who haven't read Acts 17 or are unfamiliar with Paul's missionary journeys, this was my favorite.
To stand on top and imagine seeing what Paul did - to look around and to begin to hear, "Men of Athens, I observe that you are very religious in all respects. For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription, 'TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.' Therefore what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you. The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands..." (Acts 17:22-24)
(view from the top of Mars Hill)
Open the Bible and keep reading if you will... but for now I will continue on -

After a full day of museums and hiking around, we continued our adventures. My vacation consisted of time on Crete and in Athens.
We visited various beaches - some rock and others sand
found and walked over huge rocks to a teeny tiny church (so small I totally hit my head on the doorway when I was exiting)
had some of the most amazing olives ever
wore a miss-matched bathing suit after half mine got swiped while drying
discovered how awesome overnight ferries are (like a plane but cooler)
watched the sun rise over a harbor
did laundry by hand
got sick on a bus
puked in a squatty potty
laughed at misspelled menus
ate the biggest baklava I've ever seen

took a boat out to 2 islands
went snorkeling
and enjoyed relaxed evenings as the sun set.

I could have chosen to have Glilled Lamp in lemon saus with shrimps in flowr for dinner one night. (actually, that's a lie - thats just a combination of my favorite misspellings but lamb was readily available as was shrimps but they looked at you funny from the plate before you ate them.)
I was informed by a restaurant owner on Crete that the pieces of the Parthenon in London should be returned to it's rightful owners in Greece, I mean "we built the Parthenon when you were, oh I don't know, living in caves and maybe not discovered fire yet!"

oh, it was just too much fun!
To top it off, after running from gate 18 to 35, we missed our flight back because it left 5 minutes early and we were over an our late leaving Athens. We ended up staying in a 5 star hotel in Munich. At least I can honestly say I've been to Germany - and not just the airport!
Now back to work and reality I guess. It's rained almost every day I've been back in Warsaw. Crazy. It's like the eternal winter cuz it's July and C O L D! It barely hit 70 F today! Not normal. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm having a bunch of people over to just hang out. It beats being alone, especially when your family is in the place you love most in the world (Litchfield By the Sea) without you! (shrug) I hope the weather is warm.

If you get a chance, check out my facebook album, It's all Greek to Me.