20 February 2009

Another Snowy Day in Warsaw

It's been snowing...for days now. It started on Friday (the 13th). I've never had a bad Friday the 13th before, but this one was. First off, I lost my metro card with over a month still left on it. Not only did I lose it, but I lost it the day it began snowing....and it kept snowing and keeps snowing!

I've decided there's no hope for my poor metro card - oh well, such is life!

However, over the past few days as I wake up to big white, soft looking flakes, the snow has accumulated to a pretty nice height on my porch. It was flawless....a blanket of white splendor. I thought, "hmm, I should take a picture of this" .....then my doorbell rings. It's my language teacher ready to start lessons.  So we do. 3 hours later I had forgotten all about the photo I wanted to take until I looked out my window at my still perfect, snow-covered porch while I prepare lunch. 
"oh, I'll get the photo after I finish eating" I think to myself. 

Nope. Within minutes, I look back up and there are 2 lines of bird feet prints! "What!? Why?" Saddened, I continue working and look up now to see 4 lines of prints, now going in all directions. Then I spotted the culprits! 2 pigeons have decided to explore my balcony for a bit. I watch them roam around for a while and shake my head. "There goes the one beautiful bit of untouched snow left..." 
So, you get to enjoy the bird prints with me. At least something got to enjoy the snow! I have been tempted though to go outside and make a small snowman with what's there. And for those of you who know me and how I don't really like the snow, that's saying something! 

Fortunately, clear skies are in the forecast for the next few days but I fear snow will soon return on Monday. 

Otherwise, things are going well...we will have a time of worship and fellowship on Sunday together. Then, we are getting together for some FUN with the girls from English Club! Games? Movies? Food? who knows... Whatever it is, I hope a lot of laughter and smiles are included.

So with this I leave you... enjoy your warm, sunny days, rainy, cold or snowy ones... whatever the weather, whatever the temperature... have fun this weekend and find some smiles and laughter somewhere, dear friends!

09 February 2009

Everyone can use a little sunshine in their life

It's the middle of winter in Poland, but you can see signs that it's starting to fade. Yes, we will probably have another good snow or cold snap before it is truly over, but at least there is hope! There's a touch of light in the sky... the sun actually does exist! I believe that everyone can use a little sunshine in their lives now and then. It just adds great color to everything around you, is bright and just makes me want to smile! The opposite is true with grey or rainy days... those are times you want to stay in, curl up under a blanket and not move. At least I do anyway! I have no desire to leave the comfort of my home, my blankets, candles and book. I mean, why go out? It's messy!  

I guess I truly am a summer girl! Considering I was born in the middle of summer, always had access to a pool, grew up in the beautiful and warm SOUTHERN state of North Carolina, and always preferred to go barefooted; summer just has my name written all over it! Therefore, its natural to also say that I don't like winter very much. It was cold and wet - 2 things I hated, especially when combined. 

Winter here has been symbolic of my life recently. I have had a lot of adjustments to deal with; some very difficult. I've struggled, questioned and have striven to find who I am in all of this. (thanks to a good friend who was a little needed sunshine) 
God talks about refining us by fire... sounds fun? nope... kinda scary actually. I mean, really, who wants to be thrown into a fire?!?!? Not me! ... but wait ... doesn't God have to throw us into the fire at some point? A lot of things get put in fire in order to come out "right". I think His children are included in the list of things that get put into fire... see:
The List:
God's children

I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Shane and Shane, and probably my favorite song of theirs came up on my list. It's  called "Burn Us Up". It's a song about the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I keep thinking of how they got thrown into the fire, and survived. They came out unharmed. Man, just thinking of that makes me want to praise God and say, THANK YOU! Because I have hope that when I get thrown into the fire, I will survive because my God is big enough to do that!

It is only because He loves us that He will put us into the fire. It is only because He loves us that we will come out like He wants us to.

So, anyway, new perspective helps...and sometimes you need someone to tell you where to look. Now that I know where to look, things aren't so bad. With God's help, I'm pulling strings and straightening out the mess I have in front of me.

Anyway, here's a little something to show you what it's been like lately. These are all off my balcony. Snow....snow.... more snow... and in this picture, its actually snowing...

then, yesterday, this is what I got :) It got up to almost 40 degrees! wahoo!
a gorgeous sunset that only got better with time.
unfortunately though, there's still a little bit of Warsaw in it.... you just can't get away from the construction and cranes! They're out every window I look... 

so I took a picture of them. They don't seem such a bother when there's a gorgeous picture behind it. I just keep looking past the distractions and onto the sunshine in life. 

cuz like I said, everyone can use a little sunshine...