23 August 2008

Hello everyone! 

So another week has gone by and I really can't believe it. I have sent out my first update email (aka, if you didn't get it and want it, let me know). 

This week things finally started to mesh together in my head. Yeah, I definitely had a few "oohh - that makes sense now" moments. We have started studying what Church Planting Movements are and basic methods used. It's actually quite simple and interesting how a church is started and taught to multiply within their communities as they share the gospel. 

We had one session that was awesome where we did some role-playing. We were in small groups and selected 2 as "sent-out ones". They left the room and came back to the group and tried to find who was a person of peace - one who is willing to hear the gospel. 
Those who stayed acted either hostile to the foreigners, were only interested in learning English, or wanted a ticket to America. I played someone who wanted to learn English first and then was a "sent-out" one the second time. 
During the second one, my roommate here was hostile to the foreigners (me). I definitely got kicked in the butt about four times and had my jacket pulled off in an attempt to act as a pick-pocket. She definitely got a kick out of the whole thing as we spent the next 5 minutes laughing. 
By the way, my roommate is totally awesome and is always a lot of fun.
Friday, she did a show at a local coffee shop. About 50 or 60 people showed up creating a great atmosphere. It was a nice chance to get off campus.

Aside from that, today we had an 8 hour ESL session. I learned how spitting gold fish into a cup can help you make certain sounds and that the test I took today about how I learn best put me in a group that apparently doesn't exist. I'm yellow, green...I like order but want to please everyone. I need acceptance to learn yet it's gotta be structured. According to our teacher, they are opposites and can't exist in one person... maybe that explains some things about me...hahaha

So I hope that you all have had a blessed week. Just remember, God is good and answers everything in his own timing.

Prayer Requests:
- Pray that God will continue to mold me and prepare my heart for service.
- That God will begin to work in and soften the hearts of the Polish people I will be meeting soon.
- That I will continue to spend time growing in His Word daily.
- That God will give me the ability to focus and retain the information we are given.
- That God will give me opportunities even here to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ boldly and share the Gospel message.

Love you all!

10 August 2008

back in VA!


So I am finally back in VA and doing well. I flew in on Tuesday, unpacked, had dinner and began reading through material provided to us. We jumped in almost immediately the following morning and have been in seminars and such ever since then. I will have a TON to do while I am here!

Briefly, we have gone over some of the basic "need-to-know" medical info, forms, location of buildings/meetings and spiritual encouragement. We had an opportunity to spend 3 hours with the Father one afternoon...I had no idea how he would speak to me or what He would say. I can tell you that I was able to clear my thoughts, focus on Him and His purpose for me in the next 8 weeks and following. He helped me confront some of my fears/concerns about going into the field and provided scripture after scripture showing that HE is Lord, that HE knows best, and that HE will always provide for his children. 
1 Peter 3:15 says, "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." 

I am looking forward to the coming weeks and to see what is in store. I have been able to make so many new friends and meet people who have a heart for the nations...who have the same Spirit and same desires as I do. It is encouraging for me to be part of the second largest orientation in the history of this program and the orientation with the most adults ever! Praise God for He is good!

Some areas in which you can pray:
1. Focus in sessions
2. My time with the Father will be fruitful
3. that I can get everything accomplished that I need to while here.
4. That God would continue to mold me in His likeness
5. for hearts of the Polish people I will come in contact with to be softened