11 March 2009

Womens' Day

Who ever heard of a holiday celebrating women, other than Mothers' Day? It wasn't until I arrived here that I learned of such a day. :) I have to admit though, being a girl, I kinda like it! Flowers and chocolate - what could be better?
I got a beautiful red tulip on Sunday during our partner church's Agape meal. Instead of a more traditional service, we all bring food and have a meal with fellowship, worship through song and a short message along with testimonies from those who feel led. It's not terribly different from most Sundays, except for the food! It's one of my favorite times because I can watch the congregation gather and enjoy each other as we celebrate our Lord. As usual, I hardly know what is really going on, but I can feel the Spirit moving.

That evening, a group of ladies from our English Club decided to get together to watch a movie. They chose a Polish film - written in Polish, produced in Polish, filmed in Poland. How much did I understand? More than I thought I would, but still not a lot.

The evening, overall was a struggle at first. I had spent the entire day in Polish and was trying my best to keep up but failing quite quickly. I really wasn't sure that I could handle an entire movie in Polish - especially a chick flick, as those are not my favorite type of films to watch. We started with coffee and a social time in which a dear friend recognized the others around me were pre-occupied and I was left to observe. He came and joined me and we caught up on some good conversation. It was light, but still fun and something I had missed recently.

A little later that evening, God answered a prayer of mine in a way I didn't expect. I wondered why I was supposed to be there - why did I say I would go to a Polish film? Why was I not understanding? Oh.... one of many frustrations. All the sudden, it was like God truly just dropped the answer in my lap. An incredible question from someone gave me assurance that I was supposed to be there and an energy I was lacking all day. With everything appearing to be "wrong" or inconvenient, I was told that its not my burden. I felt like God just took the reigns and said, OK child.... let me drive a while. 

It's not always easy here. Life in general is difficult and just harder! It takes longer to get things done and the language barrier is unbearable sometimes. It's frustrating when I can think of every word I need except one!

So tomorrow I go to get my local residency card (again) and then to the Visa office to pick up my card. :) FINALLY! After Monday, everything will be finished and final and done done done! I can stay and don't have to worry about going to the Visa office again!

love to you all,