16 December 2008


Photos from my latest email update, just incase you can't get them...

The Chistmas tree with all the gifts.

Santa giving out presents to each child.

The little boy who carried around his box just hugging it for 20 minutes without even knowing what was inside.

while others opened their boxes immediately.

26 November 2008

All Saints' Day

I wish I could have had this up earlier, but none the less, here is the promised post on All Saints' Day in Warsaw on Nov. 1.

One of the major Catholic Holidays celebrated in Poland is All Saints' Day. Instead of celebrating Halloween on Oct. 31, as Americans do, Catholic Poles will participate in the Day of the Dead and visit graves of relatives. It is a time to remember. They will clean the graves the week before and on Nov. 1, will journey to the cemetery to place flowers and light candles on the graves of loved ones. 
It is a major religious holiday in which almost everyone will participate. Streets near the cemeteries are shut down and busses re-routed as people flood the streets and pathways, making their way to their loved ones' graves.
Our team took time to go to one of the largest cemeteries in Warsaw to walk through and pray for the people as we watched and experienced what this holiday is all about. I saw mothers teaching their children why they come and why there are so many candles at the memorials.
As I walked through the cemetery, there was a slightly eerie feeling as a faint glow from each headstone rose to create enough light to see fairly well, even though the sun was long gone. 
Some people just stood at a grave and stayed there for a while as the candles burned.
 In other places people shuffled by, stopped for a moment at an important grave site and kept moving to light yet another candle at another grave. 
The cemetery was full of people that evening. Entire families came.

I spoke with many of the people I have met here and everyone told of how important this holiday is to them. They can remember going ever since they were young children. Many will also travel to outlying cities to visit and clean parents' graves.
It is a time for us to pray and to reach out to these people who don't have the everlasting hope we do in Christ.

15 November 2008

Pumpkins and Prayers

Hello all!

So I sent out a brief message to many of you yesterday about how you could be praying for me this evening. I am sitting down at my computer, 5 minutes before midnight to begin this post... who is staying up way too late again? me! 

However, I had to give a quick update on how things went this evening with a little background first. One day I spotted pumpkins on the road and decided I just had to have one...it's 
not fall without it, right? 
And since autumn is so short here, I figured a pumpkin would help extend the season a little. My language teacher saw it and asked, "will you eat it?" 
My first thought...well, no. It's decoration. It got my wheels turning though and I looked up what it would take to make a pumpkin from scratch (aka, a real pumpkin) since, of course, they have no canned pumpkin here. I found this site: www.PumpkinPatchesandMore.org. It seemed easy enough to make a pie, so I decided I would. Then  got the brilliant idea to open it up to others at English Club to come and cook one with me! 

Yes, I have to admit, I wasn't thinking at the time about the fact that I had never made a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin before and have no idea how to do it, nor have I ever made a pie period!

Everything went well and I am proud to say that here is pie number 1 and 2...and they're from scratch! crust and everything...there was NOTHING from a can in this pie (including the evaporated/condensed milk - that comes in a box).

I wanted to have a pie prepared before guests arrived for 2 reasons, 1 so I could do it once and actually have an idea of what to do, and 2, so if the pie we made together didn't finish cooking in time, they could still taste one. 

Overall, the evening was much a success. A good number of people showed up and things just played out so smoothly. I tried making a pie crust earlier this afternoon and it just wasn't coming together - it was clumpy and sticky and not mealy like it should be. This evening, I had a beautiful example in no time at all. Praise God for small miracles. Everyone seemed to be having fun and it was a great chance to enjoy conversation with those we have met, outside of the English Club setting. 
Does it look like I know what I am doing now?
We are scooping out the seeds and plan on roasting those later. :) yummy. 
God gave me a calm spirit and a LOT of help! The Browns were amazing and spent their afternoon helping me prepare the first pies and my apartment for guests. My other teammates helped clean up and show parts of the process.

By the end of the evening, everyone was very tired and just sat and talked about upcoming holidays, traditions, and cultures, among various other topics.

So thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as our evening progressed. They truly were felt and answered. If you would like to try making a pie from a real pumpkin, its a little mess but a lot of fun. Its actually quite easy and tastes amazing! You can't beat it when it's fresh!

I will update with more stories soon of our time during a major Catholic holiday, All Saint's Day which took place Nov. 1 and of a recent baptism of 3 new believers. 

Until then, thank you again and continue to keep us all in your prayers.
- open hearts
- opportunities to share
- relationships to be built
- needed rest
- Language

31 October 2008

Dzień Dobry Pani!

I stayed up a little late last night trying to finish my Polish homework, in hopes to sleep in a little and go food shopping this morning before language. However, as simple as that plan seems, nothing ever works out exactly the way you planned yet still can put a smile on your face! Leave it to a beautiful little girl to put one on mine!

I woke up this morning at 6am to construction. Okay, no biggie...I've gotten "used" to it by now. Aka, when I wake up to it, I roll over and start praying that God will help me sleep a little longer. However, this morning that request was not answered. I laid in bed tossing and turning, practically wide awake until oh, my alarm went off around 8am. "Reallly?? gosh...okay, okay...im getting up!" The construction was still going. It sounded like a jack hammer, drill or something that just...wouldn't...stop

Well, I decided at least I had ample time to go shopping. I went to my favorite little bread place and got 2 fresh loaves of bread (I have guests - volunteers for a week, so we can finish it!) The lady helped me learn how to pronounce the types of bread I was asking for...vysh...vzys...wysh... ugh - maybe one day!
Polish lesson #1 for today - take advantage of those who will help you learn.

Then I walked around the corner and to my surprise found clementines! aaah! my favorite! mmmm... breakfast! 

After some time watching CNN, one of 2 English speaking channels and waking my guests up at 10, helping them get breakfast, out the door we went at 11. They were fortunate and fell back asleep after some of the construction. We went back to the market and shopped for dinner - what kind of meat do you want? This is chicken, duck, pork - what looks good? Nice Polish lady and free samples = perfect!

Joe (a teammate) took the volunteers to get a few things, I walked back up to my apartment. As I entered the building, the cutest little girl about 2 years old maybe, hollers out, "Dzień dobry pani!" in the most beautiful small voice. Good morning, Mam! - as her mother puts another arm in the coat and adjusts her hat before heading into the cold. The little girl kept babbling on about something as I made my way to the elevator. "Do widzenia" I responded and waved goodbye. "Do widzenia!" they both respond.
Polish lesson #2 - be humbled...even children know more of the language than I do! Yet you can still find joy in the smallest "Hello".

Now, I have 30 minutes to rest before Polish lesson #3 - Language with my tutor for 3 hours. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, masculine? feminine? what - neutral? Sure, if you say so! Chcesz - still can't say it... is there another word I can use? chiałbyś - good I can say that!

So I leave you with this question. This is the question I have asked many times and will probably ask again today. 

Wait, that's a real word? How in the world do you say that!?

Do widzenia!

27 October 2008

Where I live!

Hey all!
So, I had a free day and decided to use my time wisely. After waking up and shopping for food in the bazar outside my apartment complex, I decided to clean up a bit and take some pictures of my place and finally post them! So here's the grand tour...

The entry way. The door is to the left, looking into the living room. The mirrored doors are a coat closet. My office, bedroom and baths are to the right.
My living room. Behind the tree is the door to my balcony. The kitchen is to the right.

My living room from the other side. Kitchen to the left, through the entry way would go to my office, bed, bath.
My kitchen. Its very open and I love it. The fridge and freezer are all the way to the right against the wall. 
My kitchen again. The window looks out to my balcony. I also have a really nice sized dish washer and oven. :)
Kitchen looking back to the living room.
My office! With a big crazy orange couch. It's really not that bright...but it's pretty bad. I need to find some cover for it. haha.
My office from the couch - i have lots of storage behind the door. Directly across the hall is bath #1.
Bath #2 - this is my sink, shower, and washing machine... 
Here's another view. Thats the washer in the bottom right corner. 
My bedroom. The window looks out over the bazar. 
Bedroom from the other side. Bath #2 is to the left, Bath # 1 to the right.
Bath #1 - the toilet. Yes, its common to have the toilet separate from the other stuff here.
The view from my balcony. These are the construction workers that often wake me up in the morning. 
Looking over part of the bazar - this is the part that stays and is open during the week.
More bazar.... and the white building in the center across the street is where the other j-man lives. It's nice being close!
More bazar (the last of it) This area is where rows and rows of vendors set up tents starting at 4am every Saturday and Sunday. They are open till about 2pm.
This kinda gives you an idea of what it looks like from my balcony. From the left to right.
The bazar is where I do most of my shopping especially for food. There are rows and rows of vendors selling everything you can imagine - fresh veggies, fruits, meat, breads, sweet breads, spices, etc. They also sell flowers, clothing, kitchen stuff, laundry/soaps, candles, antiques... It's quite the collection. Imagine going to your farmer's market..it's like that but better. There's still dirt on it sometimes. Everything is fairly cheap in comparison to the store and better quality. 

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know a little about where I am! I hope you enjoy.


23 October 2008

1, 2, 10, 54, 37, 99, aaah!

Numbers, names, food, family, jobs...would you like coffee or tea? yup! That's about the extent of my Polish vocabulary at this point. Things are going well though for the most part. I am over the emotional state of the Reece family leaving for the States and adjustment to Warsaw life in the process. They were good friends of mine and Steven wrote my job request...so having him leave was very difficult. 

However, I am pleased to say that I finally have an idea of how to shop for food without pointing and holding up fingers! **smiles!** My language teacher took me to a few shops and we practiced buying something. I have been in there many times and the owner asked if I was learning Polish... I went in again yesterday and was able to practice. He was incredibly patient while I struggled through my few sentences. All I have to say is praise God for patient people.

Tonight, in small group discussion, we were talking about some things in the OT and how many years the Israelites wandered, etc...time lines. Anyway, it was enough for me to pick up on the numbers every so often... 2000 years... 40 years, 1 month. I was thinking, "I understand stuff!! woohoo!!" It's not much, but its a small victory. I've realized the importance of taking hold of the small victories. By the end of the day, they are often larger than I initially thought.

Soon, i will post some photos of my apartment and various other things, however until then...this is a view from my balcony. On a good day, I have the most gorgeous golden light flood through my kitchen window and balcony doors into my kitchen and living room. I am often preparing dinner and just soak up the sun (while it lasts). Soon it will be dark in the early afternoon. Now it sets around 6. I am very lucky because my balcony looks over one of the few undeveloped sections in the area. I don't face another apartment building, only this...

Anyway, here are some things you can keep in mind when you talk with the Father...
- Continued adjustment to life here. I have only slept a few nights the entire way through.
- Language - It is clicking, but I often have headaches in the evenings after full days of Polish, English, Polish...
- That I will remain close to the Father and in His Word
- Relationships to form with Nationals who are open to the Word.
-  That my supervisor and I can find time to finish my orientation
- My supervisor - she fell and twisted her ankle bad enough to be on crutches. It's not broken, but this definitely prevents her from moving around well. Pray that she can rest and will heal quickly and not worry about all that needs to be done (apartment hunting, my orientation esp driving in Warsaw which is yet to be done), prep for a short term couple coming in.

Love you and hope that you are finding peace in Him!

17 October 2008

bread and pierogi

A quick update until my schedule doesn't have me on 12 hour days...

Please pray for my continued adjustment. I am experiencing some culture shock and it is adding a lot of stress to an already busy schedule. I have experienced many emotions so far and will continue to do so until I become a little more settled. My apartment is coming together slowly, I have started language lessons (which can be frustrating sometimes!) and am learning my way around where I live and how to do things when I don't speak the language. I point and say "prosze" (please) a lot. The lady at the bakery and the man at the pierogi place see me come through the door and start pointing to bread on the shelf or holding up fingers to ask how many I want... maybe soon I can actually tell them what I need instead of not having a clue how to say it!

I have met a few people and have started to get to know them some. Pray for those interested to be open to further conversations and for God to begin working in their lives.

Love and miss you all - 

03 October 2008

Im here

I arrived safely in Poland today. I will update soon on some of the adventures I had in getting here, but until I have internet again, know that I am safe and absolutely exhausted! Staying up until 3am and waking up at 6am before traveling for 24 hours was not a great idea. lol...

be blessed and I will post soon!


30 September 2008

Last post from the USA!

So this will be my last entry from the US...I have been running around packing, cleaning, sitting in more classes, and trying to say goodbye...

Tomorrow is my Commissioning Service. My parents and youngest brother are going to drive up to see it! I'm very excited to see them and to close out my time here. I have my tickets in hand, my bags mostly packed, and an ingenious scheme for how to get more stuff to Poland without going over baggage limits. (pockets and layers of clothing rock)

During Commissioning, I will be signing with 2 other ladies to the song, He Reigns by Newsboys. It's a perfect song for the event and such a motivation and encouragement when I hear it. Here are the lyrics:

It's the song of the redeemed
Rising from the African plain
It's the song of the forgiven
Drowning out the Amazon rain
The song of Asian believers
Filled with God's holy fire
It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation
A love song born of a greatful choir

It's all God's children singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns
It's all God's children singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns

Let it rise about the four winds
Caught up in the heavenly sound
Let praises echo from the towers of cathedrals
To the faithful gathered underground
Of all the songs sung from the dawn of creations
Some were meant to persist
Of all the bells rung from a thousand steeples
None rings truer than this


And all the powers of darkness
Tremble at what they've just heard
'Cause all the powers of darkness
Can't drown out a single word

When all God's children sing out
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns
All God's people singing
Glory, glory, hallelujah
He reigns, He reigns

Although I am very excited to be starting this journey, I will also miss my family very much and am a little nervous. I have heard and learned so much while I have been here, I just hope that it will stick and I can adjust quickly! I finally have information on my apartment! I think the lease was signed today or tomorrow maybe? I will post photos of it when I get there and have settled in a little.

I will try to update shortly after I arrive, but do not know what my orientation schedule will be or anything like that.
Until then, here are some ways you can pray for me:

Prayer Requests:
- That my travels will go well (Oct 2 to Oct 3) and all luggage will arrive safely!
- That I will be able to settle in quickly and begin adjusting
- That I will remain close to and in God's arms during this transition
- Language learning will come quickly once I start
- that God will continue to prepare hearts of the people I will meet and open doors for me to share the gospel.

Thank you guys for praying with me and keeping updated on this journey so far. I am very blessed to know that I have so many who are faithfully praying for me and the Polish people!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

21 September 2008

Counting days...

Good afternoon - 

It finally feels like Fall in Virginia and it is another gorgeous day. Blue skies with wisps of clouds and children playing with frisbees outside always put a smile on my face! 

God has truly been good to me lately and has really taken me up in his arms, held me tightly and said, "child, you are mine and I will always be here". As time dwindles before I leave, the days get longer as more sessions are squeezed in, trying to cover everything. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster. We discussed some hard topics, did a little more role playing and really dug deep into topics that are hard to talk about. I realize that by going out on faith to a different country, lots of things could happen and being prepared is always important.

This past week, 2 main things happened. First of all, my dad went to the ER for some chest pain, but everything turned out fine. After many phone calls to mom and Seth, I realized how God has placed so many wonderful people in my family's life. Mom's sister and friend came to her "rescue" and helped where they could. I have to say, more than anything, it helped me knowing they were there with my family. It gave me a chance to be reminded of a few things. 
- God is in control and He knows best.
- Prayer still works and above all else, try it first!
- God knows who you need to talk to.
God gave my dad such a peace and comfort during that time that he was actually more concerned for Seth than anyone else! That's dad though, he's always been the rock of our family. When mom called, I started praying...and walking back to my room. On my way, I ran into A, someone God has placed in my life here I have been here as a comforting voice. When I told her what was going on, she hugged me and started praying and shared with me that her husband had something similar but worse happen a few years ago. Through tears and prayers, I knew the Lord placed her there for comfort. As the next session started, the entire group bowed to pray for my dad for a few minutes...that the doctors' hands would be steady, that he could have the cath done and that God would provide. Within 30 minutes mom said they could squeeze him in to have the procedure done. 
After the cath, they said his arteries were clear...praise God for no blockages! It's also something they think can be taken care of by medicine, which is encouraging.

I have a renewed confidence that God will always provide support where it's needed most.

The following day, we took the entire group here to Washington D.C. for the day. It was a good distraction. We got to visit a Polish library and some other areas. I spent some time in the Smithsonian museums and just relaxed. We also witnessed to those around us and helped anyone we could. 

SO - why am I counting days??? Because, I will be in Poland in less than 2 weeks!!! I fly out Oct. 2 and will arrive the following day. I am very excited as my time here ends. The next week will fly by I am sure. It will be good to see my friends on my team and to put into practice some of the things we have learned here. I am ready to start working. 

- Pray that God will continue to prepare me before I leave.
- Pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of the Polish people I will soon meet.
- Pray that I will be able to learn the language quickly.
- pray that I will adjust to the cold quickly!
- Pray that my last week here will be fun and time well spent with friends.

thank you and love you all!


23 August 2008

Hello everyone! 

So another week has gone by and I really can't believe it. I have sent out my first update email (aka, if you didn't get it and want it, let me know). 

This week things finally started to mesh together in my head. Yeah, I definitely had a few "oohh - that makes sense now" moments. We have started studying what Church Planting Movements are and basic methods used. It's actually quite simple and interesting how a church is started and taught to multiply within their communities as they share the gospel. 

We had one session that was awesome where we did some role-playing. We were in small groups and selected 2 as "sent-out ones". They left the room and came back to the group and tried to find who was a person of peace - one who is willing to hear the gospel. 
Those who stayed acted either hostile to the foreigners, were only interested in learning English, or wanted a ticket to America. I played someone who wanted to learn English first and then was a "sent-out" one the second time. 
During the second one, my roommate here was hostile to the foreigners (me). I definitely got kicked in the butt about four times and had my jacket pulled off in an attempt to act as a pick-pocket. She definitely got a kick out of the whole thing as we spent the next 5 minutes laughing. 
By the way, my roommate is totally awesome and is always a lot of fun.
Friday, she did a show at a local coffee shop. About 50 or 60 people showed up creating a great atmosphere. It was a nice chance to get off campus.

Aside from that, today we had an 8 hour ESL session. I learned how spitting gold fish into a cup can help you make certain sounds and that the test I took today about how I learn best put me in a group that apparently doesn't exist. I'm yellow, green...I like order but want to please everyone. I need acceptance to learn yet it's gotta be structured. According to our teacher, they are opposites and can't exist in one person... maybe that explains some things about me...hahaha

So I hope that you all have had a blessed week. Just remember, God is good and answers everything in his own timing.

Prayer Requests:
- Pray that God will continue to mold me and prepare my heart for service.
- That God will begin to work in and soften the hearts of the Polish people I will be meeting soon.
- That I will continue to spend time growing in His Word daily.
- That God will give me the ability to focus and retain the information we are given.
- That God will give me opportunities even here to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ boldly and share the Gospel message.

Love you all!

10 August 2008

back in VA!


So I am finally back in VA and doing well. I flew in on Tuesday, unpacked, had dinner and began reading through material provided to us. We jumped in almost immediately the following morning and have been in seminars and such ever since then. I will have a TON to do while I am here!

Briefly, we have gone over some of the basic "need-to-know" medical info, forms, location of buildings/meetings and spiritual encouragement. We had an opportunity to spend 3 hours with the Father one afternoon...I had no idea how he would speak to me or what He would say. I can tell you that I was able to clear my thoughts, focus on Him and His purpose for me in the next 8 weeks and following. He helped me confront some of my fears/concerns about going into the field and provided scripture after scripture showing that HE is Lord, that HE knows best, and that HE will always provide for his children. 
1 Peter 3:15 says, "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." 

I am looking forward to the coming weeks and to see what is in store. I have been able to make so many new friends and meet people who have a heart for the nations...who have the same Spirit and same desires as I do. It is encouraging for me to be part of the second largest orientation in the history of this program and the orientation with the most adults ever! Praise God for He is good!

Some areas in which you can pray:
1. Focus in sessions
2. My time with the Father will be fruitful
3. that I can get everything accomplished that I need to while here.
4. That God would continue to mold me in His likeness
5. for hearts of the Polish people I will come in contact with to be softened

25 June 2008


My last day at the Daily Progress was Friday, June 13. I have to admit, I miss it. I know that I have a lot to look forward to, but I do miss getting up and working almost every day. I did, however get up and pack every day for my last week in Charlottesville! There are aspects to working at a newspaper that I will miss dearly. There are also aspects I will not miss at all. 

My last week in C-ville was spent packing up an apartment full of stuff....yes, stuff. Everything from furniture to the smallest thumb tack. I think I took almost as many bags to the dumpster as I did boxes to NC! The move back went about as smoothly as it could. No accidents, no strained backs and no broken furniture. My parents drove up Saturday June 21 and helped me drive a truck back to High Point, NC. I had wonderful friends from Portico help load the truck Friday and wonderful HP friends help unload on Saturday. I honestly could not have moved without the help of so many friends.... thank you all. 

I have only been in NC for a few days now, haven't stopped running around like a crazy chicken with it's head cut off, and was having a hard time with some adjustments. I came back to a shower with no door (so I have to walk down the hallway to shower), my brother's room with 2 drawers cleared out for me and 2 recliners...yes, 2. They had ideas of replacing one with the other and ended up leaving both! The day I attempted to move it down the hallway myself and got it stuck in the doorway to my room was when it finally got moved. Before the chair sat in the hallway for half a day, I didn't even have enough space to open a suitcase to begin unpacking much less any place to put it. It was then that I realized how much stuff I actually had! Moving from an apartment to 1 room is insane - I do not recommend it. 

I'm also not used to the amount of traffic through a home with 4 people in it. When I first moved to C-ville, I thought it was weird living alone. Now its the opposite! This morning, I woke up, walked down the hall to shower and was caught by my dad (who had been up for hours) saying, "Good morning!!! The shop called and said your car is ready..." I'm not sure what I said back, if anything at all. Usually its over an hour after I get up before I actually say anything to anyone. All I remember is this slightly startled feeling of: huh! what? noise? I'm so confused...car? breaks? OK sure...

I've done everything from make multiple trips to the DMV, Post Office and bank to playing putt putt at midnight followed by a milkshake run. No, we (sadly) don't have Arch's or Ritas, however we do have Cookout...best milkshakes in town! Tomorrow holds a trip to Charlotte, the Apple store and applying for an International Drivers License. 

In all the mess and confusion of moving and knowing that I will stay such a short time; I am finding often that as I say hello, I sometimes have to say good-bye in the same sentence. I think there will be many adjustments and changes occurring in this very transitional month of my life. At the end of it all, my hope is that I will be able to say, "change? sure...whatever you say. I have no routine to change, so change is fine by me!"

14 May 2008

its official!

I'm going to Poland!!!
I just signed the papers this week :) My job title is "Media Specialist". Basically, I will be doing photo, video, writing, etc. to provide content for 2 websites. One is info about the missionaries and team there, and the other an outreach website. I am so excited to be working with them! I will also be making and following relationships with those the Lord places in my path.

I had to tell work today, and I can't tell you how difficult that was. Working at the paper was the best first job I could have ever asked for - I work with great people who really helped shape who I have become as a photojournalist. The opportunities I've had here have been amazing and I will always remember some of them.

So, here are some dates and information about where I will be in the next few months...
My last day will probably be June 17. I will move back to High Point that Saturday and spend a little over a month with family and friends and taking care of odds and ends before I leave...such as storing furniture! Aside from a family beach trip, I will be traveling through parts of NC to see friends...let me know if you want to get together while I am home.

FPO (Field Personnel Orientation) begins in August (4th) at the International Learning Center - aka - ILC, which is located right outside of Richmond, VA. I will have 8 weeks of intensive training before I actually fly out to Poland in early October. 

If you would like more information, leave a post or email me at kaylinbowers@gmail.com. 

I can't wait to see what God has in store for the next 2 years of my life! He has been such a blessing to me so far and has guided my heart and my life in His path over the past few years, giving me a yearning to continue following Him. He has opened doors and closed doors in my life. I just love getting to run through them when a new one opens!

14 April 2008

Exciting times ahead!

I have a big week ahead! I will be in Richmond for a few days. I will get a lot of much needed information, and hopefully a more definite timeline of events will be put into place. There are so many things going on in my life right now, and so many things that are yet to come. God shows His might through it all.

I pray God will help things to calm down and continue to work through everything going on around me. I pray I will have the focus to gather and retain all the information I will need to help make appropriate decisions. I pray that God will continue to work on my heart and prepare the way He will have me go.

29 March 2008

God is good

He answers things in His own time, but it's always perfect timing.

28 February 2008


Sometimes waiting is hard. Its hard to be patient and not become anxious. When that happens, I start to pray, and God answers.

Psalm 131
My heart is not proud, O Lord,
my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
or things too wonderful for me.

But I have stilled and quieted my soul;
like a weaned child with its mother,
like a weaned child is my soul within me.

O Israel, put your hope in the Lord
both now and forevermore.