26 May 2010

may musings

Dear God,

Why is it still cold outside? You know I have a very hard time keeping warm on my own... I need some help! Will you please bring out the sun, warm up the earth and let me sweat a little? I really do miss it. Honest. I like my jacket, but currently prefer not to wear it. It's almost June. Please, can you make it feel like June?

There really are a lot of other things I'm thankful for - my girls I do Bible study with, home group, English Club... all those are going great! I got to see friends, travel a little and we have a busy summer coming up. Its all very exciting. Can we have sun to match our smiling faces? We even had a picnic in the rain because we wanted to go outside so badly.

picnic in the rain... sat on and under tarps. ... and our shoes sat under an umbrella.

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